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Super Killer Pest Control is one of the leading Pest control services provider in North India and Delhi-NCR. Our team consists of qualified professionals trained in pest control services such as termite control, fumigation, rodent control, etc. SKPC team is comprised of experienced manpower that can quickly identify the pest to make informed choices regarding the pesticides and chemicals to be used. We offer a wide array of pest control services such as termite treatment, Termite Control, Pre Construction Pest Control, Piping system pest control, Rat/Rodent Control, Fumigation, Bed bugs treatment. Our services are well planned and the services schedule chart is designed on the concept of Hospitality Management. We would be glad to meet your good selves and introduce our sophisticated products and services in three areas- general pest control, industrial pest control and commercial pest control. We use sophisticated machinery and different types of spray systems to keep your organization hygienic and pest free.

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SKPC is the leading pest control services provider in termite control, termite treatment, Rat/Rodent Control, Fumigation, Bed bugs treatment, General pest control, Piping system pest control, Reticulation Termite Treatment, Pre Construction Termite Treatment, Pre Construction Pest Control. We take immense pride in the fact nobody knows pests and rodents the way we do. SKPC’s expertise and network is unparalleled. We use the latest techniques and ensure use of environment friendly chemicals. We are committed in providing reliable solution for various pest infestations such as termites, cockroaches, rodents and bedbugs. We pay full attention to customers varied needs and designed our services for attaining maximum client satisfaction; we have specially tailored services for general pest control, pre construction pest control, pre construction termite control, industrial pest control and commercial pest control.

Do and Dont's


1. Do keep your kitchen table clean of food spills, especially during nights. Also avoid keeping unwashed utensils in the sink or at least remember to fill them with soapy water. This ensures a hygienic home which is free of cockroaches.

2. Do Reduce moisture : Termites love and need moisture to thrive. Repair leaking faucets, water pipes and a/c units.

3. Do keep your kitchen completely free of grease, slime, oily deposits as they are excellent food for cockroaches. In absence of these cleaning practices, which is environmentally safe pest control methods.

4. Do wait for 2 weeks for the gel to be consumed by cockroaches of all stages. Young ones or those in egg stage will take time to feed on gel.

5. Allow the pest technician to see all the lofts, closets, store rooms to find entry points and nests where normally no one goes and there is garbage over there.

6. Do keep your waste bins tightly and snugly fitted with fresh polythene lining after every round of emptying.

7. Inform the pest technician where all there could be underground pipe line etc, so that they should not drill there. They can’t see any pipeline hidden in wall or floor.


1. Do not wipe or clean the cockroach Gel Spots. Instruct home maids & other members as well.

2.  Do not use HIT or any other “Ready-to-use” Pesticide Cans. It will contaminate the Gel spots and make them ineffective. Due to the kerosene smell, the food bait for cockroach, the gel will become unpalatable.

3.  Do not insist for gel dots to be used at any other place than kitchen. They are effective only against German cockroaches in kitchen.

4.  Do not allow workers/gardeners to eat in garden/stair cases/roof and then throw stale food over there to attract rodents.

5.  Do not allow technicians inside until you see their ID card and your scheduled service card with them.

6.  Please don’t get the treatment done offline. SKPC will not be liable to compensate for any damages or arrange revisits in such cases

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