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India’s First Clean Sanitization Services

We approach using clean in sanitization services to safeguard against Covid-19 First Indian company to acquireclean used for sanitization of areas where traditional fumigation methods fail.

Clean provides a highly efficient way of disinfection of heavily-used workplaces such as work stations, computer systems, keyboard or server rooms without direct contact.

Licensed & Protected

We have a great, professional and high-quality team, our trained staff will protect your home and family against any pests

Free home Inspection

A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale

Eco Friendly Technology

Eco friendly technologies is also used to describe a class of electronic devices that can promote and help to pest control

Affordable & Best Sanitation Services Near You

Since its inception in 2000, Our Services has been responsible sanitation service provider in Delhi NCR offering residential sanitation services and commercial & corporate sanitation services. Sanitation services for public welfare has always been a great concern.

Our trained and equipped technicians will disinfect the sensitive surface areas in this first stage, using advanced machines, smart tools and world-renowned sanitizing agents. Special attention given to high germ contamination spots.

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Insect Control

Our industry standard insect pest control service is guaranteed to get rid of your insect problems with contact and residual solutions

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Rodent Removal

When you see Rats in your home they can be a real problem. They are commensally creatures that like to be near human to have a steady supply of...

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Garden Pest Removal

The easiest way to prevent insect damage in your garden is to discourage them from coming in the first place. A healthy garden is the best...

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General Pest Control

Many cockroache enter homes and buildings from outside, through sewer openings or by hitchhiking in furniture, boxes, electronic equipment and...

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Service was very good spray was odorless. The service technician was polite and cooperative. I will get to know the result after 20 days.

Deepak Jain

I had a great service offered by Mr. Rajkumar...Very professional way of working and quick service

Krishan Saini

The result is good after the service... Too honest for their service and commitment... Good Job

Vikas Gupta
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