Monkeys are a problem often faced by many residential , commercial , agricultural and industrial Monkeys cam major damage to damage to property unknowingly and can easily become a major thre at to the normality of life.

We bring to you  Monkey Control  Spikes . the anti monkey spikes are created to keep monkeys off  building and other places by scaring them and eliminating their landing and resting areas , these monkeys scare spikes are affective when it comes to making sure that the taken care of once and for all . Monkey Control Spikes    can easily be mounted on the building’s ledges and other open places that give monkey the freedom to traverse in and around the building.

Monkey can wreak havoc both inside and outside the premises. They cause serious damage to property and can easily be a threat to the well- being of people in close proximity  to them; especially to children , office-goers and older people . at times, they also bite people or snatch the bags on the pretext of getting food. They walk run and climb places swiftly and from a group that creates even situation.

Anti monkey spikes Made out of high quality, are a great way to keep your establishment and its occupant’s safe, without causing any damage to these animals. These blunt yet sharp monkey scare spikes act as a limiting measure and work by eliminating the space for monkey to climb and move about the building’s structure. We have designed these Monkey Control Spikes to make sure that no harm comes to monkey  or any other animals while they work effectively as a deterrent their activities that may cause inconvenience to the resident of the building .

Installing these anti monkey spikes is a great way of getting rid of the monkey nuisance once and for all.

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