Bird control deterrent spikes are normally around 30 centimeters’ (0.98ft) long, and work by reducing the area available for birds to land on. This forces larger varieties of birds , such as seagulls , pigeons , and crows, to land elsewhere . Birds that attempt to alight on spike –protected surface receive a light prick from one or more of the spike ,which is uncomfortable but generally not harmful . As a result , the royal society  for the protection of birds (RSPB) recommends bird control spike for deterring pigeons from gardens.

While deterring perching , bird spike may not shift birds able to build large nets, and in fact can help them by providing a support to build the nest on. While spikes can be inspection and removed ,in countries there are restrictions preventing or restricting removal of bird nets.

Described as “the most effective(type of ) stand –alone bird deterrent “,”bird control spikes can be placed along ledges, walls ,on top of commercial signage ,closed circuit television cameras and in rain gutters ,in order to prevent birds from perching n the surface . birds control spikes are most common in city centers and coastal areas, where feral birds are more common and more likely to come into conflict with humans .

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