Process for Pre-anti Termite Pest Control

  1. We treat the sides and bottom surface of the foundation trenches and pits with chemical to a height of about 30cm at the rate of 5 Lit. per square meter of surface area for optimum termite control.

2. Backfill earth on each side of all built up walls, which will be in immediate contact with the foundation, should be treated with chemical at the rate of 7.5Lit. per linear meter of vertical surface of the substructure, to a depth of 45cm and width of 15cm. The chemical shall be directed towards the masonry surfaces so that earth in contact with these surfaces is well treated with the chemical.

3. Before laying the floor, treat the top surface of the consolidated earth within the plinth walls with chemical at the rate of 5lit. per square meter.



The following codes, standards and specifications about termite treatment and termite control are made a part of this specification. All specifications, standards, codes of practices referred to herein shall be the latest edition including all applicable official amendments and revisions. In case of discrepancy between this specification and those referred to herein, this specification shall govern:


  • The contractor for the termite control shall furnish all tools, plants, instruments, qualified supervisory personnel, labour, materials, any temporary works, consumables, any and everything necessary whether or not such items are specifically stated herein for completion of the job in accordance with specific requirements.
  • All work to be done as part of pre-construction termite treatment shall be done in the order of progress required by Owner’s construction programme. The contractor shall take all necessary precautions to prevent any accidents or mishaps in connection with the work. On final completion of all the work, the contractor shall leave the entire premises within the site of his operation clean and free from all rubbish or debris resulting from his termite control
  • The owner reserves the right to inspect, check and direct any or all operations at any stage of the work and he/she may also require any unsatisfactory work to be remedied at the contractor’s expense. No work shall be carried out under unsuitable weather conditions viz. when raining or when the soil is wet due to rain or sub-soil water.
  • Chemicals for termite treatment shall be brought to site of work only in sealed original containers. The materials shall be brought in, at a time, in adequate quantity to suffice for the work. The materials shall be kept in cool and locked stores. The empty containers shall not be removed from the work site till the relevant item of work has been completed and permission granted by Owner / Engineer.
    Specification regarding the chemicals used in the termite treatment process-Chemicals concentration indicated on the sealed containers only shall be used; Chemicals shall be diluted with water in required quantity before use, using graduated containers to achieve the desired percentage of concentration