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1. India’s best and no. 1 Pest Control Company, Super Killer Pest Control is here to help you tackle all your rodent related worries. Our Rodent management service ensures total eradication of these pesky little creatures that wreak havoc in the house causing huge financial and health setbacks.

2. Our live tested technique will get rid of all types of rodents, rats and mice and fortify your property against future infestations.

3. Super Killer Pest Control’s experts are very well experienced when it comes to learning the pattern of the rodent signs and discovering the hideout places of these creatures thereby successfully exterminating them. Their signs are typically hidden from our naked eye and requires highly proficient technicians for the specific job. 4. To get rid of rats, we at Super Killer Pest Control have used a combination of experience as well as advanced science in creating a highly tenacious and an industrial strength glue to trap the rodents in the first instance itself. This new and innovative trap called a Sticky trap, is basically a sturdy piece of sheet covered in the glue with a spot for a bait in the middle to entice the rat on to the rattrap.

5. We use only heavy-duty and industry approved glue boards to make sure we achieve a 100% success rate in the suspected active rodent area almost immediately. The solid board at Super Killer Pest Control are large enough to trap the huge rat without allowing them to escape once they are caught.

6. We are very particular when it comes to the quality of the board and the glue that is used in the setup of this Sticky Trap unlike the cheap variant that are available in the local market.

7. Our team will place the effective rat killers at all the threatened areas like under the sink area, next to the dust bins, behind the refrigerator and washing machine area after careful inspection and keen observation.

8. A single package comes in a bundle of 3 services for a year with the number of rat trap placements per service depending on the area of the house.

1. Super Killer Pest Control’s Rodent Repellant Service will safeguard your house from any type of vermin or rodent. It might take up to a week for the rodent to get jammed in the Sticky Trap.

2. In the span of the one contractual year, if you do find any of the rodent on the loose or rodent activity thereby; our experts will attend to your complaints without any extra fee.

1. Super Killer Pest Control offers the best and the most reliable Rodent control service in India.

2. Our unique Rodent trapping technique does not include the use of any chemicals or pesticides thereby making it safe to use in the kitchen while also being safe to the children, people with allergies as well as pets while answering all your questions on how to get rid of rats.

3. Our background verified technicians are trained and very well experienced in locating the rodents’ signs and marks putting forth a carefully customized planned service.

4. We have an experience of handling the extermination of all type of rodents and believe in eradicating the root of the rat and mouse problems, rather than just eliminating the surface nuisance.

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