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SKPC provides residential pest control services for homes. We are committed to protecting your family and home from all kinds of pests all year round. We don’t take any chances when it comes to keeping your residence pest-free. With the changing seasons the types of residential pests that you need to be concerned with may change. We provide all year round pest control services divided in to various categories such as Termite Control, Rat/Rodent Control, bed bugs treatment, fumigation, etc. to make sure that your home remains pest free, in the summer, winter, spring and fall.
Residential Pest Control isn’t just about eliminating the pests you can see; it’s about the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected. Whether you have ants, spiders, roaches, mice or mosquitoes, we’ve got you covered with a customized plan. And your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee

Our professional pest management program for homes includes:
Initial audit of interior and exterior of premises in order to formulate a pest control plan
Identification of pest problem
Identifying the sources of pest hideouts and their food sources
Recommending corrective measures on sanitation and preventive measures
Selecting target specific chemical treatment which does not harm the environment
Regular monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and recommending necessary modifications in the pest control plan, if required.
Know your home Invader?

They attack Wooden Display Boards, Carpeting, Artwork, Books, Clothing, Furniture And Valuable Papers, Cupboards And Door Frame. It is recommended to avail termite treatment services as soon as possible once you detect termites.

Seen Commonly In Kitchens, Pantries, Stores Etc. Control Measures Comprises Of Identifying The Source Of Entry, Source Of Food. If the infestation is too large avail pest control services.

They spread diseases Like Malaria, Dengue, Encephalitis, Filaria Etc. All Mosquitoes Breed in non-flowing Water, and their eggs will not hatch unless moistened with water.

Bed Bugs:
Are nocturnal and they can cause a stinging or pinching sensation when they feed, bed bugs are not fast enough to simply disappear you should call your pest control service provider as soon as possible and get bed bugs treatment.

May eat or contaminate human food, carry ectoparasites such as mites and fleas into close human contact, cause allergies in sensitive individuals, and are disease carriers.

Flies Breed:
They move into sensitive food preparation, food processing and food consumption areas seeking feeding sites for themselves.

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